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I recently “went” blond and the day after, my mom asked me “so are you having more fun?”

I didn’t get it until she elaborated, “you know…cause blonds always have more fun.”

If we stay along this line of thinking, blonds also say stupid things that make everyone look around at each other in an unsurprised, roll of the eyes, “that’s our -insert name-” type way. Their comments through the decades have provided for endless hours of amusement.

I guess then it was bound to happen eventually. All that bleach soaking into my head would invariably cause some type of brain damage. So this weekend…after a month blond and no real “dumb” statements, it finally cracked, my brain that is. I spent Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia catching up with some college friends, one of whom was in town from California.  Naturally, because she was a visitor, we decided to do some touristy things. We force-fed her a cheesesteak and beer, then went into the old city to ring the Liberty Bell.

The building is situated on a large patch of grass, set kind of like the Mall in Washington DC. At one end is the Constitution Museum (a really cool attraction) and at the other is an older structure. The four of us were walking towards the older one when I asked,

“So what is that building? It looks pretty old.”

A long pause ensued in the group. Then,

“Katie,” MB said straight-faced, “that’s Independence Hall. It’s where America became America.”

Clearly I should have known this hall’s importance, but perhaps the streaks of blond were suffocating my naturally brown locks. Perhaps there was a guerrilla coup taking place atop my head in which the new majority was out to overthrow the previous ruler, thus securing and permanently enforcing a new “blond” ideology. Perhaps. Or maybe at least for now I can blame it on that rather than admit that I was unaware of the historical significance of that building. But hey, at least I got to put my John Hancock on the Constitution guestbook in front of a bronze Ben Franklin.

…he did sweep that scrawl on the Constitution…didn’t he?*

*Note: I realize that John Hancock did in fact sign the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. A historical tidbit that I may or may not have known when I stepped into the Constitution Center this past weekend.


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