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‘Tis the Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving and that means several things.1. I go to work and leave work in the dark.

2. Tea has replaced iced coffee as my drink of choice in the morning.

3. Christmas is coming, but it’s not here yet!

Yes, I am one of those people who hates that Christmas decorations roll out right after Halloween, mainly because I was born on Thanksgiving and it irks me that Turkey-day is bi-passed straight for Santa. With that said, I must say I love the whole three month holiday season pretty much for one reason…a reason which happens to revolve around the title of my blog.

Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream releases its Holiday Flavors and I feel the need to give an early Thanks for this!

In case you’re not familiar with their selection, I’ve highlighted them below with a brief, but mouth-watering rant:

Edy’s Pumpkin:


I’m glad Edy’s gives a gobble to Thanksgiving with this creamy pumpkin pie ice dream cream. Sweet with a hint of spice, this treat is perfect with a cup of Apple cider after the food coma of the main Turkey meal wanes. The only thing missing…pie crust in the churn…Give thanks.

Edy’s Peppermint:


By far my favorite…on a typical evening after purchasing this special treat, I opt not to dirty my dishes, and instead scoop out huge mouthfuls with a spoon, and sometimes my fingers and may or may not eat half of the container. Smooth vanilla ice cream expertly churned with peppermint swirl and candy pieces…All that’s missing is chocolate shavings and/or syrup…Give thanks.

Edy’s Egg Nog:

edys-egg-nog1So I’m guessing this is for those of us who have not/will not/refuse to make New Year’s resolutions. While I’m not a huge fan of the Egg Nog drink, I do love this ice cream…I actually don’t think I’ve had a container of it last longer than 24 hours. The only thing missing, a shot of brandy whiskey and a good snog, but you can get both, either under the mistletoe or when the ball drops…Give thanks.

So yes…I have an unhealthy obsession with ice cream…hence naming this blog after it. And no, I do not work for Edy’s and am not spewing their propaganda (although if they’re hiring, my resume and tastebuds are updated and ready to go).

I felt it was time for me to finally dedicate a post to my muse. And while I’m personally partial to Edy’s, I know there are many other great flavors out there…any for which you’d like to give thanks?


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